My name is Sergei. I am 22 years old and I live in Belarus, Minsk.up4down3

I started to play poker when I was in my first year at the university, I study at Belarussian State University at the faculty of Economics. It is often a problem for student to find some money and I wasn’t the exception. At that time I was looking for additional income and poker became a great opportunity for me. Once my eye caught a poker tournament on TV. I did not even know the rules so I went to read it in the Internet and watched the TV at the same time. It was very interesting to see how risky and ingeniously players manage their cards, sometimes their bluffs seemed to be mad.

I got the idea that poker could be a great way to earn some money, besides it is a very thrilling way.  At the beginning,  I started to play free poker apps just to gain some confidence. I read poker forums and articles, learned new tactics and styles and began to feel that my game had improved. The next move was to play for a real money.  My friend who was experienced in poker showed me something new. He told that there are sites called affiliates that provide additional payment in return of required amount of rake and PokerSource is the most profitable among them.  I decided to try it and registered at PokerSource. Then I chose the poker room and signed up for Free Gift promotion. It was a large amount of poker rooms to choose and I chose Betfair because rake requirements were suitable for me and I also wanted to play SNG tournaments with rather small buy-ins.

At Betfair I was playing the 2 euro SNG tables and everything was fine. My deposit was about a 100 dollars and I felt rather comfortable with it. But then I decided to take a chance at the 5 euro tables. And that was a little bit reckless decision, because players’ level was different). After my bankroll lost a little weight I decided to come back to the lower limits. I played not very regularly, just about 3 hours a day on the average. And finally I reached required amount of rake even without losing a big part of my stack and confirmed it at PokerSource. It only took a couple of days to approve the confirmation and I got my 9500 points as Betfair was “Room of The Month” I also got additional 2000 points. There are many interesting things in Points Store to which you can change your points, such as gift cards, software, books, DVDs and so on.

I am looking forward to play my next room at PokerSource and get more good offers. If you have any doubts about whether you should play here on not, I would strongly recommend this site, because it gives you all the necessary conditions for playing poker and making a good money.


PokerSource username: up4down3

Country: Belarus