I first began playing poker while on holiday in the Philippines in 2007 when I stumbled on a low buy in tournament in a diving destination. At the time, I lived in Korea, so when I returned to Korea I picked up a copy of Harrington on Hold ‘Em Vol. 1. I began playing in tournaments in Seoul, and finally began playing online in 2008 when I signed up for Sun Poker via PokerSourceOnline (now known as PokerSource). I can’t remember how I came to know about PS but it’s a good thing I did, because I went busto on my $100 deposit on Sun Poker – but not before clearing my first PS bonus, thereby breaking even!

After Sun, I deposited on Cake (also via PokerSource) and ironically proceeded to run hotter than the sun on Cake (but not on Sun – go figure!). I cleared that bonus, then deposited on another site via PokerSource, but sadly went busto and did not clear that one. Recently, I returned to online poker via the PokerSource Room of the Month Promotion for Party Poker. I managed to clear the bonus in less than a week of 4-tabling 10nl full ring (about 15k hands). For this, I earned a whopping 14,500 PokerSource points – that’s equivalent to almost $145 in Amazon gift certificates!

The thing I love about PokerSource is that you’re basically freerolling. Even if you just play breakeven poker, you’re going to earn somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 PSO points for each promotion you complete – that’s almost a hundred bucks of free money in your pocket! If you do the Room of the Month you earn an extra 2500 points – that’s another twenty five bucks. If you refer a friend, you get an extra $30 for every promotion they complete – every time! Between my completed promotions, Rooms of the Month bonuses, and referrals, I’ve earned about $600 in bonuses – for free!

PokerSource offers their bonuses on a number of skins, and the great thing is that you’re allowed to do bonuses for individual skins on the same network. Furthermore, PokerSource offers bonuses on no fewer than three of the American-friendly sites, so Americans can get a much-needed bankroll boost.

Finally, the customer service is top notch. One would think that a site offering free gifts wouldn’t be that responsive to customers, but the gang at PokerSource always answers questions promptly. There are sites similar to PokerSource, but I’ve found that the completion requirements on PokerSource tend to be lower than these other sites. Furthermore, the points rewarded on PokerSource tend to be higher. For example, right now PokerSource is offering 10,000 PokerSource points (~$100) if you earn 100 Poker Points on Bwin; meanwhile, a competitor is offering 900 points (~$90) for the same site, but you have to earn 250 Poker Points! That’s less reward with 2.5 times the requirements! Similarly, if you earn 500 VPPs on PokerStars, PokerSource will reward you with 10,000 points (~$100); on the competitor, you also have to earn 500 VPPs, yet only get the equivalent of $80 in reward.

Pound for pound, PokerSource is the winner. So, you might lose at the tables taking bad beats, but you’ll never lose with PokerSource. Sign up today!