In 2006 I was a college student at the University of South Florida. I was very hungry one day and I went to the local wing joint, upon my arrival I noticed a league poker tournament going on and I decided to take a seat. I ended up losing the poker tournament but luckily I met a person who recommended that I look into a poker promotion site called 

I was slightly skeptical when I first browsed the site; it seemed to good to be true. I honestly signed up for one of the promotions, not expecting to get the free poker gift, I just wanted to play some poker online and try to make some money. I signed up for the Party Poker 300 Nevada Jacks promotion. One week later I had completed the promotion and made $300, I felt great. I Doubted that I would actually get a quality chip set, I thought it would get lost in the mail, or something else ridiculous; to my surprise about two weeks later I received my poker chips. 

The Nevada Jacks poker chip set was great, high quality, they sound great, and my friends loved them. I ended up hosting house games and playing frequently in the poker league that was in the area. College life and classes took hold of me and refused to relinquish its grips on my wallet and my time. In 2009 I graduated college and while looking for jobs I decided I would try my luck again at poker. 

In late March of 2010 I signed up for a 9000 point promotion for PokerStars. I completed the promotion in 5 days with a $90 deposit. PokerStars is a great poker site, however I lost a good amount of my bankroll on the .25-.50 tables, to many loose players who push on rags and hit. I took my remaining money about $20 and hit the one table tournaments. Here I was able to clear my promotion, I highly recommend using tournaments to clear your PokerStars promotion if you are starting with a small bankroll. 

After my experience on the low limit tables on PokerStars I decided I wouldn't make that mistake again. I signed up for the Full Tilt Poker promotion of 12000 points (3000 extra for the poker room of the month) 
While on Full Tilt I only played tournaments and cleared the promotion with ease on the 2+.25, 3+.30 and 10+1 tournys. My favorite tournaments on Full Tilt are the multi-table Knockout tournaments. On the Knockout games you get a bounty for each person you bust, it's a lot of fun and I was able to make it to the final table about 50% of the time. I cleared this promotion in just four days! 

24000 PokerSource Points later, I turned in 23100 points for $225 in Target Gift Cards. PokerSource says said the shipment usually takes 2-4 weeks, but I received my cards yesterday. It only took one week. 

I also signed up for the UB instant Bankroll of $100. As PokerSource claims, It was 100% free, crazy deal. was my least favorite room that I have played on thus far, but hey, it was free money!

PokerSource is a completely free site, yet they somehow manage to have customer service that rivals, or perhaps is even better than, multi-billion dollar corporations. Unbelievable deals, unbelievable service, I highly recommend this site, I'm going to keep playing till I have completed every promotion I can. 



PokerSource Username: Varaxious
Location: Largo, Florida