Hello guys and girls, I am MapTu3ep (read as Martiser) on PokerSource and I’d like to share my experience with this awesome site. When I first came across the site I was just beginning my bankroll building challenge, from $0. I decided to start this challenge after I saw what happened on Black Friday.

I decided I wasn’t going to risk any more money of my own for playing poker. I played via some other affiliates before finally giving PokerSource a go, via an offer they had for Everest Poker. Unfortunately, I did not do my research and I failed to complete the requirements for the site – as I thought, rather foolishly, that bonus points counted. I felt kind of annoyed and felt it was a mistake from PSO’s point of view, but I know it was my fault.

So I played elsewhere for a few months and then, again did my research and came to the conclusion that playing via PokerSource would be the best way to boost my bankroll. Starting out with around 1300 points – from Facebook promos (like their page!) and others, I researched the options available to me.

The first promotion I completed was America’s Cardroom, which had its positives and negatives – traffic was terrible but I managed to make $230 from less than 300 $5 double up games. Combining that with the PokerSource points equivalent I got it was a winning month with over nearly $400 won! And, this would be a good time to add that I was basically new to the 6 handed double-up games. I was nervous that I’d lose my money but saw how bad some of the play was so I stuck at it.

I made my research of all the promos available to me and saw which ones had 6 handed DoNs and made them my priority. When a Room of the Month came up, I snapped it up. Cake poker was the second offer I completed - traffic this time was better but arguably lower win rate. I still made more than enough to keep me happy. After this, I took a little break from playing due to my exams.

In December 2012, I took full advantage of the great Deal of the Day promo that PS again had running throughout the whole month. I signed up after finishing my exams to Lock, bwin and Redkings – respectively. Bwin was by far the easiest promotion I had to complete to date, think it took less than a week – and also had good winnings in relation to the buy-in I was playing there. Lots and lots of very bad players! Having been done with bwin, I concentrated on my Lock promotion – which I had not a lot of time left to finish. Thankfully, I managed to put in some good sessions – while not increasing my average buy in – and completed this in time.

Before playing on Redkings, I offered the $500 gift card I was saving my points for – so I combined the clearance of both the PokerSource promotion and the gift card, which obviously helped me a lot. The Redkings offer was the hardest one to complete, it didn’t help that I left it too late. One night, I decided to try out their coin flip 1on1 games and ran like a god. Saw how much I could rake in a short period of time and “grinded out” the rest of my bonus there that way. Naturally, I lost some money but was still ahead thanks to bonuses. Having completed this offer, I am now well on my way to my second $500 gift card :)

Thanks to the offers on PokerSource, I was able to make over $1000 in just over 6 months – while not even playing that much OR playing my best game. I hope I have proven that building a bankroll is very much doable, and of course, enjoyable!

Some tips for players wanting to make full use of PokerSource:

  • Like their Facebook page, 500 points just from following on Facebook. 

  • Sign up to a room when it’s on room of the month, extra 2500 points which comes in very handy! (All my offers have had extra points with them!) 

  • Do your research on store items such as poker rooms gift cards (some have better clearance rates than others etc.)

  • Keep your December poker schedule free! For the last couple of years, it could be more, PokerSource have had a “deal a day” promotion – different kind of deal each day. This really is the best time to make use of the offers, especially if you’re waiting on a certain room to have extra points. More likely than not, it will come on offer during this promotion.

 I’m needing just over 10k points for my second $500 gift card, so I am one happy chappy! Good luck and have fun!



Edinburgh, UK


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