Good day to all aspiring and professional poker players! I have been playing poker for many years now- with friends and at the casino. I usually work as a night guard at a parking lot. You can imagine that I don't have any work most of the time. Hopefully I can use my laptop and internet at the job. That's how I found out about online poker promotions.

One day in 2012 I decided to give online poker a try. I have heard of people who even bought their own homes from playing online poker for several years and that motivated me. I deposited on a very small site I don't even remember now and my bankroll balance was up and down for several months. Ultimately I wasn't losing but wasn't winning either! When I checked that I paid thousands of dollars in rake, I was shocked! I tried to find a way to get some of that rake back. I found out that PokerSource is one the most respected affiliates available. The rakeback percentage which they give is almost unbelievable!

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I continued to the next site PokerSource offered back then which was PKR. The competition was very soft and my experience with PokerSource was again great. So it was for my other completed promotions Betfair and Carbon poker. I haven't encountered one single issue with PokerSource. I liked their facebook page and even for that they gave me points (which equals more free money!).

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Username: Avantajiqta