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  • garshanni

    Good evening! I’m around 40 and can say that poker is a great part of my life. This game helps to keep mind vivid and young. All my life I played poker only face-to-face. Not long ago my son recommended me to try myself in online. I... Read more

  • Lord2720

    Hello from me! My name is Ivan and coming from Bulgaria. I am relatively new to online poker. II am a musician by trade. But as you know the saying, for a musician... Read more

  • julls

    Hi to everybody! My name is Yuliya, I am from Belarus and I am a girl you can say that poker is not for girls but i don't agree with you! I play poker only for 2 years and first time I have played for fun with my friends. But after I have... Read more

  • kostvol

    Good day! I’m pretty new with the internet poker and find Read more

  • biasiass

    Hi to everyone! When a student, I started to play online poker. When I told people around me that I wanted to earn money with the help of it, they thought I was crazy. It was usual to hear from them the words like these: Are you serious?... Read more

  • tttromba

    Good day! I'm a student and I have long been playing poker as a hobby. Very good results have never had. Once I found on the Internet site Read more

  • pmishkoff

    Hello to everybody:) My name is Pavel. I am 22 years old And I am from Belarus. I want to say thanks to for all good things and Read more

  • Herzauseis

    I have never been a “good” poker player by any means. I played mostly with play money on various small poker sites and did it all for fun. I was also playing poker in casinos and enjoyed it very much. I read some things that... Read more

  • StrickenD

    I started playing poker several years ago, but mostly with friends - live poker with cents.  I played some online also, but the variance was kiling me. I had situations ranging from difficult to awkward to joyous to infuriating and... Read more

  • dinacandy

    I’m dinacandy on PokerSource. I started playing poker just this year when I met my boyfriend. He really loves the game. At first, he took me to free tournaments at the local poker room then he started paying for the really small... Read more

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